Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Title Tuesday: Women of the Word

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I am a big believer in knowing what the Bible says for yourself. When I first became a Christian I was afraid to say much of anything about the Bible. I hated talking about my time reading the Bible because I just didn't think that I was qualified to interpret the Bible for myself. In fact, even when I did have something that stood out to me from my reading or that made me think twice I always gave the credit to someone else, just in case I was wrong.

Then I came across this book. 

Christmas of 2014 my husband gave me a copy of Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin and I was never the same. 

Jen's writing revolutionized the way I think of Bible study for women. She takes to time to explain that she went through season of doubt in her knowledge of the Bible and that it came from a sort of backwards approach to studying the Word of God. Jen's focus on intentionally studying the Bible to prepare you to use it made me stronger in my approach to teaching the Word in my small group and ladies' bible study. 

Jen focused on how women study the Bible more emotionally and less intellectually. She points out that many people are not actually Bible literate despite having been in the church for years. She takes the reader through five steps to become Bible literate and even takes a few pages to show how she marks her Bible. Her focus on training your mind to love Jesus and the Word of God rather than just relying on warm and fuzzy feelings made sense to me and it helped me to be bold in my faith 

All in all I have to give Women of the Word a solid A+ and then some. If you feel like you aren't getting much out of your time in the Word or your Bible study feels routine I would strongly suggest taking a look at this book. I would also recommend it for anyone that does regular discipleship with brand new believers. Taking them through this book could help them to avoid spending years of their Christian walk wandering rather than focused on His Word. 

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