Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Title Tuesday: After A Good Man Cheats

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Today, I want to tell you about a book that I really didn't expect to like. After a Good Man Cheats: How to Rebuild Trust &Intimacy with Your Wife by Caroline Madden, PhD. 

First of all, I love that this book is written by a woman. Many books on restoring a marriage after infidelity or sexual sin are written by men, teaching men how to essentially trick their wives into forgiving them, or at the least not divorcing them. They tend towards "you screwed up, be on your best behavior for a while and she will get off your back eventually". 

Madden doesn't take that approach at all. 

Instead, Madden talks men through the realities of the devastation that they have poured onto their wives. I need to be clear, this book is written for men that have had actual affairs (emotional or physical). This isn't a book for wives, but for husbands to better understand what they have done and how it has impacted their wives. She addresses real life conversations that need to be had, questions you should ask, as well as tangible real life steps to help your wife feel more secure in your marriage. She also gives clear and calming phrases to use to help lead the conversations in a positive manner. 

Overall, I would give After A Good Man Cheats a solid B+. I don't give it an A+ because it is a secular book and I don't agree with absolutely all of it.Madden does a great job of helping the husband to understand the deep wounds that he has caused and how best he can help his wife to heal. This would be a valuable book for any man that has committed a sexual betrayal and wants to rebuild his marriage and renew the faith of his wife.

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