Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Title Tuesday: Praying for Girls

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Today I am reviewing Praying for Girls by Teri Lynne Underwood. Let me start this review by saying, I am a boy mom. ‏I have two very robust, loud, rough-and-tumble, boys. Reviewing this book was a stretch for me at first. I couldn't understand why God had brought this book in to my life, honestly I was a little irritated that this book fell into my lap. 

Then I realized, I have two very robust, loud, rough-and-tumble, boys... 
...that will someday take wives. 

My boys are one and two years old so their wives may not have even been born yet. However, I can be in prayer for these girls right now, every single day. With that, I jumped in tackled Teri Lynne Underwood's Praying for Girls

On the plus side:
This book is definitely written for women to pray about and for their girls. Underwood breaks her book into five parts: her identity, her heart, her mind, her relationships, and her purpose. Each part breaks down in to smaller more bite-sized chapters. Each chapter has listed out prayers to pray as well as specific activities to begin conversations with your daughters. 

On the negative side:
While Praying for Girls  is a very "feel good" book, it isn't particularly deep. The theology is things that you would have heard before. 

I also, really do wish that the book didn't start with the girl's image, which is her very first real chapter. I feel like that really should have been the absolute LAST chapter. While the author specifically says that image shouldn't be put above all else, that was the very first thing that she really addresses. I feel that her editors failed her in that respect.  

All in all, I give Praying for Girls a B. Underwood is relational in her writing style. It almost feels like you are sitting across from her at a coffee shop, discussing your spiritual life. It could be very helpful for someone first starting out with praying for her daughters. It could be a good place to start for someone beginning to disciple a younger woman, as well. 

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