Thursday, May 18, 2017

Femininity Friday: Fitbit Band Review

Good morning! Welcome to another Femininity Friday. This is the day of the week when we discuss issues specific to being a woman. Topics range from health and fitness to femininity and feminism. Lets jump in.

Today I want to share with you about my new Fitbit bandsI know that many people may see this as a frivolous post but to me it is important so I am going to share it because this is my little corner of the internet and I can. 

Let me start by saying that this is NOT a paid post. I am sharing about these new band because I really like them and I know that a lot of people want to change out their bands so I thought I would share my experiences with you. If you don't have a Fitbit or if this is uninteresting to you then just ignore this post and get ready for the next Femininity Friday.

Moving on! 

As some of you may know my husband and I run a free garage gym out of our home as a Christian ministry. Being fit is kind of part of owning a gym. (I mean really, why would you take fitness advice or coaching from someone that wasn't fit themselves?) My husband gave me a Fitbit Charge 2 HR for my birthday this last year. I was four months postpartum with my second baby in 2 years. I wasn't allowed to squat or deadlift yet, so the Fitbit was a fun way to keep track of my new physical goals.

My original band was the plain purple one that comes with the HR2. I liked it a lot. I got the purple because I own a garage gym and I have two little boys 2 and under... dirt follows me everywhere I go. I didn't want to get the teal or the pink because I just knew it would get stained. I have several friends with those colors and they all said that is exactly what happened after just a few weeks. One of those friends ended up ordering replacement bands for her Fitbit and she didn't like the pattern, so she gave them to me! 

I have to say, I LOVE them. But then again I just really like floral prints, so maybe that is just me. 

Because I liked them so much I thought I would share the information with y'all. 

I like these bands because they are durable, fit well, and they don't look like a "fitness tracker". I have been wearing this band for a little over a month now and so far it looks the exact same. I have worn it to the beach, Saguaro National Park, and moving across the country.  No wearing or pulling. It hasn't stretched out. The colors have stayed true. I also love how feminine the floral prints are!  

If you work in an office or a professional setting where you might not want to wear "athletic gear" this could be a great alternative.

So all of that to say, these bands are my new favorite and if you are looking for a way to spice up look this could be a fun and inexpensive way to do that. 

See y'all next week!

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