Monday, April 17, 2017

Title Tuesday: When Your Husband Is Addicted To Pornography

Welcome to  Title Tuesday, my favorite day of the week! 

Welcome to  Title Tuesday, my favorite day of the week! This day is dedicated to book suggestions and reviews. I write this portion of my blog because I am a big believer in the motivational speaker Charlie Jones' quote which says, "You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.” I try to meet as many new people as possible and to read everything I can. This is my way of sharing that information with you. If you are interested in understanding my rating system for books you can read my Book Review Explanation here and What I Believe here.

I have had a lot of questions and requests about re-building your marriage after pornography usage. So today, I am going to write about Nicki Tiede's When Your Husband Is Addicted To Pornography: Healing Your Wounded Heart". 

I need to start by saying that this book is not a touchy-feely book. It is a hard one to get through. Don't get me wrong, it is well written, but the subject matter isn't easy. Tiede's book is designed for women whose husband is viewing (typical) pornography. If your husband has cheated, is abusive, or is looking at something illegal, this is not the book for you.

This book is broken down into 6 weeks, with five days each. Each day has a portion to read, blanks to fill in, and a journaling portion. The reading portion each day contains truly helpful and biblical counsel rather than just another "pray really hard" book. (Let me clarify, there is NOTHING wrong with praying hard about your marriage, but books that promise tips and advice in marriage and then only point to prayer rather than prayer in addition to self reflection, being in the Word, and ridding your home of tempting materials are not worth the money!) With most books, I really dislike the fill in the blank questions. It usually feels like they are trying to extend the page length of the book by asking questions directly from the text. Tiede does a really good job of making the questions interesting, developing, and thorough without it being redundant. The journaling portion is probably the most often skipped of any "self help" book, but Tiede's is definitely worth doing and doing well.  

Overall I would give Nicki Tiede's When Your Husband Is Addicted To Pornography: Healing Your Wounded Heart" a solid A+. If you find that your marriage is losing the battle against pornography this book is an excellent resource along with biblical counseling, accountability, and internet filters and monitoring

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