Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Female Christian Role Models: Intro

Welcome to the start of Women's History Month! 

Each year during the month of March I focus my time and energy on helping women to see strong Christian role models.since there are so few godly Christian role models in mainstream media.  As I wrote the first year,  my original plan to celebrate Women's History Month was to give a couple of links for female role models. However, when I typed female role models in the search engine, I got everything from Katy Perry to Mother Theresa. Typing Christina female role models in the search bar didn't produce much fruit either. I was so disappointed!

So, I 
decided to tackle the issue myself! I wrote one post per day in March (Women's History Month) dedicated to a godly female role model. You can read last years posts here! Since it was SUCH a success last year, I have decided to do it again this year! 

I will be writing a short biography of notable female Christian role models (past and present) each day.

I will be writing about two main things in these posts:
1.) Who the woman is/was and what she does/did
2.) Why it matters to the world

If possible I will attach a picture of the woman and any links to her websites or biographical information. 

We will start with our first female Christian role model tomorrow.

I hope that you enjoy this exploration of Christian women past and present!

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