Monday, July 4, 2016

Modest Maternity: The Yellow Knit Skirt

Good Morning! Welcome to another Modest Maternity!

You can read more about my reasons for wanting to write about how to have a modest (yet stylish!) maternity wardrobe here. As I mentioned previously, the goal of Modest Maternity is to feature one item of clothing each week. I will show you four ways to style the featured piece of the week. I will try my best to tell you where it came from (including a link if possible!) as well as how much I paid for it. Since the term maternity includes postpartum, I have decided to include my postpartum wardrobe in our Modest Maternity series! I will post up pictures of the clothes I wear that help me to feel beautiful and allow for easy nursing.

Today I will be featuring my yellow calf length knit skirt! I love this skirt, In fact, I have it in several different colors so you may be seeing another Modest Maternity post with this style skirt soon. You may even remember if from my Fourth of July Modest Maternity post. You can purchase this skirt here.  You will notice that all of these shirts are sleeveless button up shirts. I wear these so that I can nurse easily and we live in North Carolina, so it gets pretty warm. 
With that being said, lets begin!  

Yellow Skirt: Amazon $20.00
Shirt: Walmart clearance rack $5.00

Yellow Skirt: Amazon $20.00
Shirt: Walmart clearance rack $7.00

Yellow Skirt: Amazon $20.00
Shirt: Walmart Online $10.00

Yellow Skirt: Amazon $20.00
Shirt: Walmart Online $10.00

So these were my outfit ideas for this week's Modest Maternity series. 
I hope that you enjoyed it. 
You can see more of my Modest Maternity outfit ideas here. 

 I will be posting more of these outfit examples often to my blog.
It won't be on a regularly scheduled day, so be sure to check back often!

What did you wear this week?

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