Sunday, September 28, 2014

Military Monday: A Great Opportunity for Military Kids!

Welcome to another Military Monday Upon marrying a military man I learned that there is a LOT to know about life as a military spouse. Mondays are my day to talk about the things I am learning, the new language, military news and current events. Sometimes I post encouraging videos, stories, and cartoons as well. 

Today I want to tell you about a special writing opportunity that I think is just GREAT. The VTF (Veterans of Foreign Wars) puts on a yearly writing competition. According to their website: 
"Each year more than 100,000 students in grades 6-8 enter the VFW’s Patriot’s Pen youth essay contest. The first-place winner from each state competes to win one of 46 national awards totaling $46,000. The national first-place winner wins $5,000 and an all-expense-paid trip to Washington, D.C., in March. The essay contest encourages young minds to examine America’s history, along with their own experiences in modern American society, by drafting a 300- to 400-word essay, expressing their views based on a patriotic theme chosen by the VFW Commander-in-Chief." 
The deadline for submissions for the 2014-2015 program is November 1, 2014. 

If your child meets these qualifications I highly recommend you check out the competition, rules and regulations here and then get them started writing. Good luck!

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