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Welcome to The Forgiven Former Feminist, my little corner of the internet. This is where I write about biblical womanhood, feminism, homemaking, army wife life, books, and Christian living. Since this is my little corner of the internet, I will post about anything and everything that catches my attention or that God puts on my heart. 

I am so glad you stopped by! 

As you have probably guessed by my blog's title I am a former feminist, forgiven by Christ and working towards getting my life back on track. This blog is my way of chronicling my journey out of the feminist mindset and into a biblical view of womanhood. My hope is that maybe women reading this can learn from my struggles and trials. 

My name is Morgan and I am a child of God from a small town in north Texas. I am a graduate of Texas A&M University, and I have worked previously as a Kindergarten teacher, nanny, and bartender. 
I have been married to my best friend for four years. Brian is a veterinarian in the Army. We have been stationed all of the USA but we are currently in Pennsylvania! We have three small children William, Henry, and Kenna. My family is my second priority only after being a follower of Jesus Christ.
When I am not working with with my children, I am usually lost in a book, working on my writing projects, or painting. I also spend a fair amount of time learning to do new crafts with my boys cheering me on. My newest goals are to run a half marathon and to read 104 books this year.
I am anxiously seeking God's purpose for my life, and I am enjoying the learning process. I can’t wait to see what God has planned for my future. If you have questions about Christ, salvation, family, or anything else and would like a list of resources feel free to contact me!


  1. Morgan,
    So blessed to hear that you are no longer deceived! I used to be a feminist as well as an atheist. God has transformed my life in a huge way! May He receive all our glory all the time! Thanks for sharing your story.

  2. I'm from Texas as well!

  3. Wow. This is my fist time visiting your blog. The title very much caught my attention! Haha I love it! :) Anyway, God bless you sister!

  4. The title of your blog is so different! I am now following you via email!

    I found your blov via Harvest of Friends Weekly Blog Hop!

    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

  5. Hi Morgan,

    I've been following your blog for a while (and am really enjoying your insights).

    I found this article today and thought you would find it interesting. It's a VERY long article, but goes into great detail about how feminism has corrupted our way of thinking and what can be done to reframe our thinking, specifically in terms of raising daughters, but all the advice is still relevant. Hope you enjoy it! http://www.raisinggodlychildren.org/2012/08/raising-girls-to-be-godly-women-in.html

  6. Love the topic of your blog (based on the title). So glad to see a sister, and a woman who recognizes that there is life more rich and with more purpose than feminism. Keep it up! Found your blog via Monday's Musings!

  7. I think the concept of your blog is interesting, but I guess I do not understand the premise. Are you saying that you cannot be a feminist and have spiritual and/or religious faith?

  8. I think you may have missed the point of feminism entirely . . .

  9. Nice to meet you. I am a forgiven current feminist.

  10. That awkward moment when my faith in God led me to BE a feminist. Actually, no, it's not awkward, it's awesome! I'm honestly saddened by the mere title of your blog. I suppose I should read more to really figure out why you seem to think feminism is sinful/bad, but may I just say that I hope you can be open-minded about going back to being a feminist. There is PLENTY in the Bible to back up a healthy kind of feminism. It takes real study though, and not taking verses and chapters at face value and/or out of context. Just some thoughts for you.
    God bless, Heather Owens.

  11. Hi Morgan,

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