Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Wife to Wife Wednesday: Do Better, Be Better

Good morning! Welcome to Wife to Wife Wednesday, the day that we discuss any and all issues relating to marriage. 

For those of you that don't know we just PCSed across the country (literally from North Carolina to California). In fact I am currently sitting in a coffee shop in San Diego to write this post because we don't have internet set up at our new house yet. PCSing is hard when it is just you and your husband. PCSing becomes super challenging when you have to drive across the southern United States with a one and two year old boy. 

Once we got to San Diego the military movers showed up and dumped 142 boxes (our household goods) and then drove away. 

Like we tend to do, Brian and I quickly got in to the swing of things. I am writing this article exactly one week later and we are 60% unpacked. The boxes that aren't unpacked are things like large winter coats and baby items that we wont need in the near future. As I unpacked each box I was careful to look at it again and say do we need this item? If not, could we bless someone else with it? 

During this time I am reminded of how difficult life can be if you aren't focused of Christ. In the middle of moving across the country with two small children (and not on your own timetable, thank you Army!) it can be easy to forget about God. 

I decided to use the 6 day drive across the country to listen to the Bible, Christian podcasts, and sermons. And it has reminded me of how incredibly important it is for us (as wives) to be diligent in our homemaking. 

Setting up our new home has been an incredible opportunity to refocus our home on Christ and witnessing for the kingdom of God. I have an incredible opportunity to set the tone for my family! 

My mood and attitude impacts my husband, my children and those that come in to our ministry. So, in an effort to be a better helpmeet, mother, and witness I am challenging myself to do better. Be better. I hope to include the blog (and maybe some new projects!) in this goal. I promise to keep you updated. 

For now though, I want to encourage you to be thinking about how you can impact your home for the better!

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