Sunday, April 9, 2017

Military Monday: The Military Child

Welcome to another Military Monday!

Upon marrying a military man I learned that there is a LOT to know about life as a military spouse. Mondays are my day to talk about the things I am learning, the new language, military news and current events. Sometimes I post encouraging videos, stories, and cartoons as well.

April is the official Month of the Military Child! As the mother of two little boys and the wife of a soldier, I can tell you it isn't easy to be part of a military family. So today we are going to make a list of why military kids are awesome and I have some links below to good resources for the military child and parent.

If you know a military kid, give them a little extra love this month. Buy them an ice cream cone, take them to the park, be there for them. Most of these kids didn't get a vote in having to sacrifice birthdays, holidays, and special occasions with their parents. The Christian community needs to wrap our arms around these kids and let them know that they are loved and valued. They need to know that we see the sacrifice that they are making and we appreciate it so very much. 

Here are a list of resources for your military kids:

1.) Books for Military kids: 
(This is by no means an exhaustive list, these are just some of our favorites!)

2.) Are you looking to get your military kid involved? Check out this post.

3.) Did you know that there is a magazine just for military kids?!? There totally is! You can check it out here

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