Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Female Christian Role Model of the Day: Helena Augusta

Welcome to my celebration of Women's History Month! You can read more about this month and why I am writing about admirable Christian women here. For now, let's jump in!

The Forgiven Former Feminist's Female Christian Role Model of the Day is...  Helena Augusta!

Helena Augusta is a woman of which we know relatively little. While writing about the other Female Christian Role Models I had to really work to keep them short, with Helena there is little known and a great many legends. So, here is what we know: Helena Augusta was the mother of Roman emperor Constantine the emperor that made Rome Christian. Helena was born in the third century, likely somewhere in Asia Minor. We don't know if she helped Constantine to find Christianity or if she found Christianity after the fact. What is known is that when she was near 80 years old Constantine sent Helena to Palestine where she sought out the sites associated with the life of Jesus Christ. Helena oversaw the building of churches that Constantine ordered in Bethlehem, Calvary, Olivet, and Bethany. Helena had the pagan temple atop the sight of Christ's resurrection torn down and replaced it with the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.   

So why did Helena make it on to my list? Not only was she the mother of Constantine, but she is also credited with being the world's first biblical archaeologist... and she was a devout Christian. Her mission to preserve the past helped to provide a chance for people throughout the rest of time to experience the wonder of visiting the sites that Christ waked upon.  

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