Monday, March 24, 2014

Christian Female Role Model of the Day: Queen Elizabeth I

Welcome to my celebration of Women's History Month! You can read more about this month and why I am writing about admirable Christian women here. For now, let's jump in!

The Forgiven Former Feminist's Female Christian Role Model of the Day is...  Queen Elizabeth I of England!

Queen Elizabeth I is one of my favorite women in history. She was a dynamic woman that used her position to change England forever. She was the daughter of England's most notorious king, Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. Elizabeth (in my humble opinion) pulled England out of the dark ages. Elizabeth encouraged exploration, science, and theater among many other things. 

So why is Queen Elizabeth I on my list? Queen Elizabeth I brought stability to a country that was being torn in half by religious persecution. During her father's reign as king England split from the Catholic church of the day. King Henry VIII would flip back and forth (depending on who he was married to at the time)  persecuting Catholics and Protestants alike. When Henry died, his young son took the throne. Edward was a bright boy but his advisers (staunch protestants) persecuted Catholics. When Edward died early, their older sister Mary took the throne. Mary (daughter of Katherine of Argon) was a devout Catholic that earned the name "bloody Mary" for her persecution of Protestants. When Mary finally died Elizabeth took the throne. Elizabeth made it a point to keep religious tolerance as a focus. She pushed for people to be able to worship as they please. Elizabeth never married, instead she dedicated her entire life to ensuring the success of the nation that had been ripped apart by religious animosity. 

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