Monday, March 10, 2014

Christian Female Role Model of the Day: Shelley Lubben

Welcome to my celebration of Women's History Month! You can read more about this month and why I am writing about admirable Christian women here. For now, let's jump in!

The Forgiven Former Feminist's Female Christian Role Model of the Day is...  Shelly Lubben!

Shelly Lubben is a former pornography star that accepted Christ and has dedicated her life to fighting back against the world of pornography. She left the pornography industry after contracting a lifelong STD which turned into cervical cancer. After entering a recovery center, Lubben went to school and earned her bachelor's degree in Theological Studies. In January of last year, Lubben finished her Masters degree in Theology with an emphasis in Christian Counseling. She also received her Doctorate Degree in Theology. Lubben is currently the president of the Pink Cross Foundation, and organization that she founded with her husband to evangelize and minister to those wishing to leave the pornography industry. 

So why is Shelly Lubben on my list? Lubben is doing exactly as Christ commanded us to, to love our neighbor, to minister to the broken and less fortunate, and to repent from our sins and spread the good news. This woman has to deal with hate mail and worse from the big guns in the pornography industry and yet she fights on in the name of Jesus Christ. Shelly Lubben is a warrior for Christ. 

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