Sunday, March 23, 2014

Christian Female Role Model of the Day: Judi Dench

Welcome to my celebration of Women's History Month! You can read more about this month and why I am writing about admirable Christian women here. For now, let's jump in!

The Forgiven Former Feminist's Female Christian Role Model of the Day is...  Judi Dench!

Judi Dench is a phenomenal actress.  She has played in movies such as Shakespeare in Love, Chocolat, and Skyfall, a part of the James Bond franchise. A native of the United Kingdom, Dench was an actress from a very young age. She has set herself apart early on by winning multiple awards for her performances. Dench was married to her husband Michael Williams in 1971, until his death in 2001. The two had one child together.

So why did Judi Dench make it on my list? Dench considers her faith to be very important to her. In one interview she laments the fact that due to an intense filming schedule she was unable to attend services. Dench is also a model woman. She managed to balance home and career with grace. When other marriages were falling apart all over Hollywood, she was able to model a loving and solid relationship with her husband. She is a lady of class that takes care of her family.

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