Thursday, February 27, 2014

Women's History Month

Good morning! Welcome to another Femininity Friday. This is the day of the week when we discuss issues specific to being a woman. Topics range from health and fitness to femininity and feminism. Lets jump in.

I am so excited, tomorrow marks the start of Women's History Month! My original plan to celebrate Women's History Month was to give a couple of links for female role models. However, when I typed female role models in the search engine, I got everything from Katy Perry to Mother Theresa. Typing Christina female role models in the search bar didn't produce much fruit either.

I was so disappointed!

Women have been a part of the world since God first introduced Adam to Eve. Women are often left out of the pages of history and that is something that can be really dangerous. In a world where stars are all about shock value, women have few people to model themselves after.

So, I have decided to tackle the issue myself. I will be writing a short biography of notable female Christian role models (past and present) each day.

I will be writing about two main things in these posts:
1.) Who the woman is and what they do
2.) Why it matters to the world

If possible I will attach a picture of the woman and any links to her websites or biographical information. I hope that you enjoy this exploration of Christian women past and present!

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