Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Wife to Wife Wednesday: Articles and Info

Welcome to Wife to Wife Wednesday, the day that we discuss issues relating to marriage. 

Today we are going to talk about being informed. Marriage is amazing, it is an incredible union. Marriage is not an easy thing. It can be very difficult to blend your life with another person. In my opinion the only way to combat the trash and lies that we are confronted with everyday, is to inform ourselves. 

I am going to state the obvious, the Bible is the ultimate guide to marriage. But there are some great resources out there that are available to you. There are books, articles, and magazines all dedicated to marriage. I am going to post up a bunch of links below that I have found helpful. If you have articles that you think would fit into any of these categories please let me know.

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I am always looking for ways to develop my marriage further. The articles in my Marriage Development board are from my favorite blogs and contain a TON of helpful advice. 

Articles that I find useful that are not directly related to marriage can be found on my Articles I Enjoy board. These include tips on how to be a stay-at-home-mom, raising kids in an ungodly world, and many other useful tips. 

Are you a military wife? Check out my boards: Military Life Marriage Development and Military Life Articles I Enjoy. These boards are tailored to the unique needs of military life. I update them regularly. 

If you prefer books to articles I highly recommend you check out my Must Read List at the top of the page. I also have a Marriage Relationship section on my Amazon Bookstore that has many helpful resources! 

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