Thursday, January 9, 2014

Femininity Friday: Goals for the New Year

Welcome to another Femininity Friday! This is the day of the week when we discuss issues specific to being a woman. Topics range from health and fitness to femininity and feminism. So lets get started. 

It is that time of year again. The gyms are crowded and the diet pills are flying off the shelves. People have set their resolutions for the new year. As I wrote last week, I do not do resolutions. Instead, I have life goals. These goals are not limited by the timeline of a new year but it can be a helpful marker in reassessment of my goals. My husband sent me an email with a link to an article that asked helpful questions to consider as you write out your physical goals. I found it so helpful in reviewing and writing out my goals list that I am going to share my answers with you.The questions will be in order from the original article. I am not going to copy his entire explanation of the questions, if you are interested you can read the full article here

1. What were your biggest failings or mistakes this past year – healthwise – that were preventable or avoidable?
I would say that my biggest mistake was not going in to the doctor when I had a small cough early this year. Because I thought I could handle it on my own I ended up with double pneumonia and had to take off two days of work. 

2. What were your biggest health problems that were not preventable or avoidable – and how did you respond?
My health has been pretty good this year. The one thing that was not preventable was the fact that God saw fit to humble me by altering my menstrual cycle. I wrote about that experience here, but I will say that I learned more from that experience than I have from just about anything else this year. I responded with pride and anger, I am thankful for God's perfect wisdom. 
3. Which food consistently has the worst effect on you? How does it make you feel (or look, or perform)?
I really don't feel well after I eat sugary foods (sweets/juice/candies). My hands get shaky and it becomes very difficult to make a tight fist. I also notice that I feel the need to sleep shortly after having consumed those foods.
4. What concrete step or steps will you take to fulfill a more abstract resolution?
My most abstract resolution goal is to "be better about my spiritual life". I have made a list of Bible studies that I want to work through both in groups and as an individual. I have set up a rough timeline to complete each study. I have also included people in my plan so that they can hold me accountable for my decision. 
5. Why are you where you are?
God is the only reason for anything good in me. I have to be very careful about remembering that. When I am very happy I tend to forget about God. I have to remember to be as diligent in my faith during the good times as I am during the bad times. I have a wonderful husband and a beautiful home. I need to remember that it all came from God. 
6. How will you hold yourself accountable?
I will be writing down all my goals. They will be posted on my board in my workroom. My goals will be posted here on my blog. I will also be allowing my friends to hold me accountable for my goals. 
7. What kind of criticism have you received lately?
I have been told that I am too competitive. I want to be the best. I want to be #1 all the time and this is not an admirable trait. I need to work on my pride and allow or myself to fail gracefully rather than bullying my way in to being the "top dog".    
8. What are you willing to do to change?
I need to reorganize my priorities and decide what comes first. God should always come first, not last. It is my responsibility to ensure that I keep Him in the spotlight. 
9. What are you physically unable to do (comfortably) that you’d like to be able to do (comfortably)?
I am terrified of being off the ground. The thing that prevents me from doing pull-ups is mainly the fact that I absolutely DETEST being off the ground. It makes me nervous and I get short of breath. For me it is not the strength, it is the control aspect. 
10. What, or who, stands in your way?
I am standing in my own way. I need to learn to control my fear of being of the ground (yes even the foot and a half it takes for me to reach the bar!) and get better. Bar hangs here I come! 
11. If you could do anything with your life, and money were no object, what would you do?
I would move to South America and work with women and children. I would help them to get an education and skill training to help them have better lives.

What are your goals for the new year and life? 

Thanks to Mark's Daily Apple for the original article!

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