Saturday, January 4, 2014

Encouragement for Homemakers

Encouragement is the goal of my Sunday posts. I want to uplift homemakers and help them to see that they really are priceless. My objective was to help them be proud of who they are and to not give up. Several people have emailed me and told me how much they enjoy these posts and I am happy to provide them. However, I have to confess I gave up recently. 

A couple of months back I had a man email me in response to an article I wrote about my views on feminism. (You can read those here.) He said some very nasty things in his email and it hurt my heart. At first I said, "Oh well, you can't please everyone" and I let it go. The next day I received three email from him. The day after that it was five emails. At one point I was getting between 10-15 emails a day from this man telling me what a terrible person I am for writing against feminism, and asking if I don't understand what feminism has done for me. The emails became aggressive and dark. I allowed myself to be intimidated my this internet troll. I stopped writing about feminism because I didn't want to read anymore nasty emails.

 I allowed him to silence me. 

When I was going through and preparing to post up my goals I spoke with my husband. He asked me what my "focus" was here at Forgiven Former Feminist. He asked why I wasn't writing about feminism anymore. I confessed what had been going on and B graciously offered to help me put up some protective walls and reminded me that he is there for me. B encouraged me, so that I could continue encouraging other women.

So this year I will pick back up on my writing. I will write openly and honestly. I will not be afraid. 

I will not be silenced. 

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  1. Thank-you Morgan for continuing your encouraging posts. I think as home-makers we should encourage each other. I am sorry someone was rude to you. I can't understand why people that don't agree with a blogger's views don't just go to one they do like.


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