Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Heart of Entertainment

I try to stay up to date on new music and movies that maintain a positive and encouraging message. So, when I heard this song Unconditionally on the radio I was instantly drawn to it. I looked up the song on google to be able to read the words and I was surprised to find that the artist was Katy Perry. I have heard a little bit about her in the news on and off but I have never been a fan of her music due to her incredibly sexual image and the fact that she is marketed to teens. 

Femininity is not always something that is praised in the media today. Women who strive for feminine graces are often made fun of and teased for being weak and frail. Naturally when a female role model comes to center stage and manages to maintain her femininity, I want to know more about her. Katy Perry walks a very fine line on the feminism movement. She has angered feminists in the past because she does not self identify as a feminist despite her "girl power" music. You can read the full lyrics of Roar here and the full lyrics of Unconditionally here. Roar is all about the girl finding her voice all by herself. She manages to rediscover that she is a champion and that nothing will hold her back. 

Sound good right?

My problem with the music is in the attitude behind it. While I was talking about my thoughts on this subject with a friend, her daughter chimed in with her thoughts. This young thirteen year old said that Katy Perry isn't that bad because her dad is a pastor. I was surprised to hear this given that this artist once sang about "Kissing a girl and liking it". When I got home I did a little research. It turns out my friend's daughter was right!  Perry was raised in a conservative Christian home and chose to rebel against it.  In an interview with "Rolling Stones," this young woman described her childhood home as "strict and nutty." She speaks openly of girls do what they want when they want, regardless of the consequences. That is a dangerous message to send to young people, no matter the gender.

This is where people say, but she is SO sweet. No, she isn't the most conservative in her music videos or her performances, but that is the culture today. Katy Perry isn't scary looking. She always has a pretty smile ready and she wears fun flirty clothes, is she still a threat? I would say yes, and a dangerous one at that. After all, wasn't Satan the most beautiful angel in the heavens? The thing that bothers me about Katy Perry is that her message is insidious. Sexuality creeps in under a fun, pulsating beat with catchy lyrics. There aren't any bad words and her CD cover is SO cute! But, what is the heart message? Is it glorifying to God? 

October 18, 2013  Katy Perry released her fourth album titled Prism. This album sold  286,000 copies in its first week alone. Someone is listening to her music. If it is geared towards a younger audience, then it begs the question: what are our children listening to? It is our job as parents, friends, and loved ones to protect the minds and hearts of the next generation, even from the things that don't look evil on the outside.  

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