Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Just a Homemaker?

"So you don't work, you're just a homemaker?"

I absolutely detest this question. I was at the doctor's office the other day filling out some paperwork for an upcoming appointment. When I went into the lab to have blood taken they asked me a bunch of lifestyle questions. When she asked what my occupation is, I replied with "homemaker". The woman looked at the chart and then at me again. "You don't have any kids?" She asked. I told her no. "So you don't work, you don't have kids, you're just a homemaker?"

No, I do not have any children. Yes, I am a homemaker. Being a homemaker is a totally separate thing from being a stay-at-home-mom. You can be a SAHM and not be a homemaker. You can be a homemaker and not be a SAHM. I love what John Seymour wrote in Forgotten Household Crafts it says:
“I'm only a housewife, I'm afraid." How often do we hear this shocking admission. I'm afraid when I hear it I feel very angry indeed. Only a housewife: only a practitioner of one of the two most noble professions (the other one is that of a farmer); only the mistress of a huge battery of high and varied skills and custodian of civilization itself. Only a typist, perhaps! Only a company director, or a nuclear physicist; only a barrister; only the President! When a woman says she is a housewife she should say it with the utmost pride, for there is nothing higher on this planet to which she could aspire.” 
Isn't that so true? Often when I talk to people about being a homemaker I get the, "it must be nice to have all that free time" comment. So today, just for fun, I am going to list out what I did yesterday from start to finish. 

Woke up at 5am. 
Family devotions with my husband.
Personal quiet time while my husband was gone to PT.
Made breakfast for myself and my husband.
Packed my husband's lunch.
Helped my husband gather his gear for the day and get out the door.
Made 48 eggbites for the PWOC potluck.
Went to PWOC on post.
Had lunch with a girlfriend.
Went grocery shopping for the week
Boiled a dozen eggs.
Made my husband's lunches for the next three days.
Prepared and studied to lead my ladies' Bible study this week.
Cleaned the litter boxes. 
Washed/dried/folded/put away two loads of laundry.
Paid all the bills for this week.
Read two chapters EACH in the three books I am reviewing.
Prepared dinner to cook while we train.
Trained for an hour and a half with my husband and friends.
Dinner with my husband.
Clean up from dinner.
Talked about our days and caught up with one another.
Bed by 9:30.

Yeah... I love all that free time too.


  1. I tried to be a homemaker only once, and it drove me in totally insanity. At the time there wasn't enough things to keep my mind occupied. I had a small home, and we only had one vehicle so there was no way for me to do anything outside of the home since we lived in tim buck two.

    I'm now a SAHM, and never ever have a dull moment, and my to-do list never gets done regardless how much I try. Luckily I have an understanding husband who wants me to pursue my passion of blogging with everything I have in me.

  2. I am "only a Housewife" now, my boys are in school. But, my hubby wouldn't have it any other way. The house runs so much smoother with me home and him working. Plus, I always find something to keep me busy! :)

    Thanks for sharing at our Mommy Club Resources and Solution party last week! Hope to see you there again!

  3. Wonderful post! I bet you kindly made her think :) I always enjoy reading your blog, Morgan. Blessings this week, dearie.


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