Thursday, November 7, 2013

Award Show Woes...

The season of awards shows are upon us. I have a bunch of girlfriends in the PWOC who like to get together and watch the awards shows together. They make a girls night out of it with wine, food, and a lot of laughter. When they invited me to attend to watch the CMAs they seemed a bit surprised by my response, which was thank you but no. 

My husband and I have chosen not to have a television in our home for many reasons which I will write about at a later time. But today I would like to address why I don't watch award shows at all. 

As long as award shows have been televised they have been about having people watch them. (DUH!) The entire point of the show is to pull people in to watch it. The traditional way of luring people in is this through the people hosting them, the "special appearances" and the performances. Recently there have been drops in the award show numbers, fewer and fewer people are tuning in. So now the industry is trying to pull people in through their salacious and scandalous escapades. The dress of the attendees has become more and more immodest. It seems to be a contest of who can show the most in the newest ways. Then there is the issue of the performances themselves. It doesn't matter if it is Madonna parading around in a bustier, Brittney with her snake, or Miley with her foam finger I don't want that garbage in my home. And if I would invite it in to my home, what business do I have going to watch it in someone else's home? 

The correct answer? NONE.

I have a responsibility to keep my mind pure and to think of Christ-honoring things. What you pour in is what you get out. I want to make sure that I am only filling my mind with the things of God's kingdom. 

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