Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Today is National Cat Day!

My husband and I have three wonderful cats and since it is National Cat Day, it seems appropriate to tell you the story of how we wound up with three VERY large cats.

My husband B is a veterinarian in the Army. Since our engagement we have been talking about getting a cat. Three weeks into our marriage we decided to adopt Phillip. My husband had performed surgery on him at a local clinic and thought he was just the sweetest... so naturally we adopted him. Sadly, just a week after we adopted him, Phillip ran away from the back yard. I was heartbroken! For two months we waited or Phillip to come back. I put out fresh food and water often, but all that managed to attract was ants.

Finally after two and a half months we decided to look into getting a new cat. When researching at the local shelters we heard about a set of VERY large twin male cats that needed to be adopted together. The shelter had had a very difficult time finding people who would adopt two large males, especially since one of them (the smaller of the two) wasn't particularly friendly. We went up to the shelter and fell in love with them. We brought them home and found that while John was still not super friendly, James warmed up to us considerably. We settled in to life with our new cats.

Then, out of nowhere this last Thursday, Phillip showed up on the front porch step. He sat and howled during my ladies' Bible study until I finally opened the door to see why an animal was making such a sound. When I opened the door Phillip ran inside and to his favorite stuffed chair. It was like he had never left!

So that is the story of how two newlyweds found themselves the owners of not one, not two, but THREE very large cats three months after their wedding.

My sweet husband B holding the twins, James and Jon.
Keep in mind my husband is 6'2 and 220lbs,
and those cats take up most of his chest in the photo....

Our spunky full of life cat, Phillip.


  1. So cute! I wish I could have a cat but I wouldn't trade my dog for anything in the world.


  2. We have six cats! Love them all! Yours are adorable! We have 1 fat cat and his name is Fat. :) cute story! Thanks for sharing!


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