Monday, October 28, 2013

Title Tuesday: Dangerous

Today is Title Tuesday and I will be reviewing the book Dangerous by Caleb Bislow. You can find the book on amazon here.

The subtitle of the book really tells all about the overall theme, "Engaging the people and places no one else will". This book is a great tool to get a person on fire for missions far away from the United States. It is aggressive and in your face. Bislow recounts tales of his journeys from the Democratic Republic of the Congo to Haiti to New Zealand and everywhere in-between. Bislow does this seemingly to encourage people to take up the cross and go make disciples of the nations. 

I found myself a bit frustrated with the book at times. While commending the missionaries who work overseas Bislow seems to greatly look down on people working for the kingdom of God within the United States. Bislow does eventually talk about the unreached immigrant community in his home town, but fails to discuss witnessing to your neighbor and coworkers. It is almost as though that is the JV version of ministry as opposed to the Varsity version of ministry which is to go overseas to a very dangerous location.

He writes about how easy it is to think God would never call people to live dangerously simply because they "have stable jobs, two-point-five healthy kids and a taupe house in the suburbs". Yet the people that he raised support from for these missions are the people that have those very stable jobs and 2.5 children. He would not be able to do his mission work if it were not for the people back home working and listening for God's direction of their financial blessings.   

This is probably a great book for a 16+ male audience. However, I would caution that this book should be pre-read by parents before being given to anyone younger due to some of the very delicate topics discussed. In conclusion I would give this book a -B in rating. It will not make it on my must read list anytime soon.

Full Disclosure: 
Bethany House gave me a free copy of this book in exchange for my review. 
All opinions are my own. 

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