Sunday, October 27, 2013

Military Monday: Tricare

Welcome to Military Monday!

Today we are going to discuss TRICARE, the medical benefits provided through the Army. 

To be eligible for this healthcare coverage you must be active duty, a retiree from the military, or the immediate family of one of the aforementioned persons. These benefits are also available to survivors of a soldier (if they are not eligible for Medicare). There are different options when you are enrolled in TRICARE. I will list pros and cons of each option below. 

TRICARE Standard (level one) 
You have the widest selection of providers.
There is no enrollment fee
You are enrolled automatically. 
There are both co-pays and deductibles. 
You may have to file your own claims. 
Click here to learn more about TRICARE Standard

TRICARE Extra (level two)
A preferred provider options
There are both deductibles and copays.
You may have limited provider options. 
Click here to learn more about TRICARE Extra

TRICARE Prime (level three)
No copays or deductibles for active duty and family members.
MTF are the main place that you receive care.
Referral is required to see a civilian doctor. 

I have been in the TRICARE system for three months now and I have had a couple of different opportunities to experience this program. I have had nothing but good experiences so far. I have spoken to several friends who also have had great experiences with the medical care within the Army. I am greatly hoping that this isn't just at Ft. Hood, and that it will be true of our next duty station as well. 

Feel free to share your stories of TRICARE in the comments below!

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  1. I've had Tricare Prime my entire life (30 years), and I love it!


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