Sunday, October 13, 2013

Military Monday: PWOC

Welcome to another Military Monday here at the Forgiven Former Feminist. On Mondays I take a moment to talk about Military issues, current events, programs, and opportunities. 

Today we will be discussing the Protestant Women of the Chapel or the PWOC.  So what is the PWOC? It is a women's military ministry for the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, and the Coast Guard. The goals of the PWOC are to: 
  • to LEAD women to accept Christ as personal Savior and Lord;
  • to TEACH women the history, beliefs, and programs of the church, all built on a solid foundation of worship and Bible study;
  • to DEVELOP in women the skills of prayer, evangelism, stewardship, and social service, against a background of personal spiritual development;
  • to INVOLVE women in the work of the Chapel, in keeping with their abilities and interests.

I joined the PWOC here on Fort Hood and I have been so blessed by my interactions there! I have made new friends, joined Bible studies, and found mentors. This has been a place to get advice from seasoned military wives, and to share successes and failures with military wives that are going through the same things I am. This is where I am gleaning a LOT of knowledge about the inner workings of Army life and what I can do to be involved. I would encourage any military wife out there to look into the PWOC at your location. Even if the group is small, it could be a great chance to get involved on base. 

This is the link to the official PWOC website.There are also facebook pages for most of the PWOC groups. If you have any questions please let me know! 

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