Sunday, October 6, 2013

Military Monday: Honor Your Chaplains

Welcome to the very first Military Monday here at the Forgiven Former Feminist. This is something new I am trying out and I am SO excited about it! Each Monday I will be discussing something military related. It may be a current event, it may be a this day in history, or it may be a what I am learning as a new Army wife. I look forward to diving in, so lets begin. 
This first Military Monday I would like to let everyone know that it is clergy appreciation month! Chaplains are some of the most incredible people that I have met in the military. They spend their time balancing the expectations of people, while fulfilling their God-given assignments. I went to an event with the PWOC (I'll explain more on this next week!) where we honored all the chaplains here at Ft. Hood. It was our chance to say thank you. 

Being at this event was incredible. I heard about chaplains who came and held a woman's hand during her entire 18 hour labor while her husband was deployed.I heard about chaplains who went and helped soldiers move into or out of their apartments and homes when it was time to PCS. I heard about a chaplain who heard from a man's wife back home that the man was struggling after the loss of his father (the man was deployed at the time) this chaplain made contact with the man's chaplain oversees and then went to the man's funeral in his place. 

I encourage you to get to know your chaplain. Pray for them, show them hospitality, ask how you can serve them. Get involved. Most of the women I talked to at the PWOC event said that their chaplains became lifelong friends. Chaplains are walking a tightrope, everyday. They are military men, they are men of God. They help to take care of us, and our servicemen and women. Lets make sure we take care of them too. 

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