Friday, October 4, 2013

Abortion, Feminism and the Governor of Texas

Yesterday Wendy Davis announced that she is going to run for Governor of Texas. Big deal right? People run for office all the time, whats the big deal? 

Let's talk about who Wendy Davis is first. This woman is a native Texan who claims to be fighting for "women's rights". This is a portion of the transcript from her interview on "Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer" when discussing women's health: 
"You know I think really what's happening here, Bob, is politicians are using this issue to boost their own political aspirations, their own political ambitions. And they're bullying women and their liberties, their personal constitutionally guaranteed liberties in the process. And it sets up, unfortunately, for women in Texas, a very dangerous place for their reproductive rights and health care. In Texas we have forty-two clinics right now, only thirty-- only five, excuse me, would remain open if this bill were to pass. And people who are completely objective and outside the political dialogue, like the American Obstetrics and Gynecology College, are saying to us if this happens in Texas, women in impoverished remote areas of Texas, and, believe me, that means thousands and thousands and thousands of women will no longer have access to this safe reproductive health care. And we all know what happens in the context of the lack of that access. We've seen it before in our country's history and I fear that for their political ambitions Governor Perry and Lieutenant Governor Dewhurst are willing to cast that aside, put women in harm's way in order for them to step up on the political ladder."
You can read the entire interview here.  

Wendy Davis seems like a great thing to women who don't have an understanding of true womanhood and biblical femininity. A native of Fort Worth Texas, Davis was raised by her single mother. At the age of 19 Davis became a single mother herself. Despite the challenges that she faced, Davis went on to Graduate from Harvard Law School and was eventually elected to the Texas State Senate (District 10) in 2008. Davis became big news in Texas this spring when she spoke for 11 hours to slow down the passage of abortion restrictions in Texas. I am honestly not sure if it was the filibuster that caught people's attention or if it was more the fact that she was female and wearing pink sneakers (shoes which instantly became extremely popular).

Being a Texan, this is something that is very close to my heart. While Davis is a model of overcoming adversity, her beliefs are what bother me. Davis is a serious feminist. When she says "safe reproductive health care" what she means is abortions. Davis is leading female voters to think that the men in politics are out to get women. This isn't the case. Governor Perry and Lieutenant Governor Dewhurst are prolife, not anti-women. They aren't putting women in harms way, they are safeguarding the lives of innocent children. 

I am sure that Wendy Davis is a fine person. I have nothing against her personally, I wish her all the best. However, that doesn't mean that Wendy Davis will speak for me. The fact that she is a woman does not automatically make her the wise choice to be Governor of Texas. So before Texas women rush out to vote for Wendy Davis because she is a woman... think about what you are voting for. Where does the candidate stand on issues? Are they honoring God with their choices?

If you want to check out information about political candidates take a look at Vote Smart.

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