Sunday, August 11, 2013

10 Things I've Learned in My First Month as an Army Wife

I am still getting used to be married and being in Killeen. Just the transition from independent-single-woman to wife is a huge step, but let me tell you, becoming an army wife takes even more adjustment!

Here are a few of the things (in no particular order) that I have learned through the last five weeks of marriage:

  1. Don't panic when it seems like everyone around you is speaking in code. The army has a LOT of acronyms and abbreviations. Ask questions i you don't know what it means, make mental notes. You'll catch on.  
  2. Get used to showing your ID for EVERYTHING. I showed it three times in 30 minutes I was in the commissary yesterday. 
  3. When you go on base have your ID ready, the gate guards really don't like it if you have to dig in your purse!
  4. Whatever amount you normally eat, he will eat easily double that amount. My husband eats 8 eggs for breakfast and still has room for fruit! At first I thought he was trying to prove a point, but after five weeks of research I can testify he really does need that amount of fuel for his day. So now, I make nine eggs a day, one for me and eight for him.
  5. Get your house 85%  done and then get out. The rest can be done in small chunks as you volunteer, work, go to Bible studies, whatever. Don't spend all day home alone. Go into the community!
  6. PT will take your husband away very early, everyday. Make the best of that time. If that is the time you can do your personal Bible study, go for it. If that is when you can clean the bathrooms, grab your gloves and get to work. If you are grouchy in the morning and need the extra sleep, hit the sheets. Use that time wisely.
  7. Find a church and get plugged in ASAP. I have been SO incredibly thankful for my friend Celine that I met through my husband's church!
  8. When the army says something is going to happen, write it in your planner in pencil. The army may change its mind at the last moment and white-out drives me crazy. 
  9. Just because something makes sense to you does NOT mean that it makes sense to your husband. Be reasonable, and take the time to explain your viewpoint. It will save you from a misunderstanding.
  10. Pray about everything. It doesn't matter how small something seems, God is there and ready to help.

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  1. Hi Morgan, I've been an army wife for over 28 years. Yes, it's been that long. Althought my husband serves in the National Guard and is Army when deployed, (which happens more often than not lately), I'm use the acronyms and the stuff made of military life. Hurry up and wait! I love your blog and just found it, but will be a faithful follower!! Good luck and you can do this!!


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