Monday, July 29, 2013

New Home and New Friends


It has been a while since I've written. I have been pretty busy setting up my new home in Killeen with my new husband B. I can say that this has been quite an adventure already! I have really enjoyed these first four weeks. There have been ups and downs. We ran up against challenges that were no big deal (toilet paper up or toilet paper down?) and challenges that were a bigger deal. For me the biggest challenge has been being away from my support network. 

For the last year I lived with my now sister-in-law Katie and we got a chance to become really good friends but she lives up in Dallas. I have my team members (that acted as my parents for all intents and purposes) in Dallas and my sister off in our small hometown of Granbury. 

I don't think I was fully prepared for moving to Killeen. By that I mean that I wasn't prepared for mismatched schedules that allowed me to miss calls from Mrs. S and my sister. I missed laying on the kitchen floor with Katie and eating chocolate and ice cream until we couldn't move while we discussed our various work challenges. I missed running to Granbury for the weekend to hang out with my sister. I missed the weekly meetings with Mrs. J where she loved and encouraged and pushed me to be better. 

I have been very fortunate that God has given me a very wise husband. B built up friendship with married couples here in Killeen. He is very close with two gentlemen here who both have amazing wives that have welcomed me with open arms. One of these ladies, Rachel, is a mother of five, homeschooler, who makes all of her food from scratch. She is ten years down the road from where I am and lets me ask a thousand questions, and answers questions I didn't even know I have. Celine is a wonderful young woman just a few years older than myself. She has been married just two years this July and we have formed a pretty close friendship. I just spent this morning teaching her how to buy cuts of meat at the commissary and she is teaching me my way around a military base. 

I am going to the ladies Bible study and I am joining the women's ministry team at church. I have ladies here that are pouring into me and I have learned to schedule my phone calls with my sister, Katie, and my team member. Yes, I miss my family and friends but God has made provision for me here. I am so grateful for the fellowship with other believers and the opportunity to grow and learn. 

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  1. It sounds like you are on your way, Morgan! I have the opposite husband is a Union Traveler and is gone on the road 357 days a year, leaving my daughter and I home. Alone. VERY ALONE. But I think God is using this time to build my relationship with HIM. And to focus more on raising my daughter to be a Godly woman. Interesting how God puts us in situations to make us more dependent on Him. Hope you are continuing to grow!


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