Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Strange Pair

On Saturday, I married my best friend. B is pretty incredible, but if I am perfectly honest, B and I are a strange pair!  

B is a veterinarian in the Army. He has traveled the world and lived internationally. He dedicates his time and energy to helping people reach their physical potential (and beyond them!) in his garage gym. As a total extravert, he uses this gym as a platform to witness and minister to people in the comunity. B has an ongoing love affair with the great outdoors and no obstacle is too high to climb. 

I am a special education teacher, most comfortable in a pile of books. I have lived in Texas my entire life, mostly in small towns. I minister to people by listening, washing dishes, and sieving quietly behind the scenes. I love to spend an afternoon with a canvas and classical music. 

B and I are learning to work together. We are learning to live in harmony. I am excited for the work The Lord will give us. I got to see a hint of it today. A friend of B's was having surgery and needed someone to take him home from the hospital. Originally the friend asked B, but he had work to do at the clinic. I was able to step in and be a gentle hand when this young soldier needed it. 

Ruth 1:16 says, "...Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God." I am in a new town, in a new culture (don't let anyone fool you, the army has its very own culture!) but God put me here for a reason. B's people are my people. I can't wait to see where God takes us next, and whom he will bring to our door. 

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  1. Congrats! You looked really nice. I hope you guys are happy together. It's nice when you have some differences to make things interesting, but he also is like you in the best ways.


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