Monday, May 13, 2013

The Proposal on a Hillside

Well, B and I have officially ended our courtship... with an engagement!

You can read more about our courtship here!

B proposed Friday morning on a beautiful east Texas hillside covered in flowers. We drove out early with the fog still creeping over the highway. We sat in the pine trees watching the cars pass. B talked about the realities of his job (he is a Veterinarian in the military) and where it will take him; he talked about the challenges that his family will face. Then he asked me to take that walk with him. Desperately trying to hold back tears I managed to say yes. We have set the date for July 6, 2013 and we look forward to starting our new life together!


  1. Congratulations, Morgan! So much to look forward to. I wish you well!

  2. Congratulations! I love that quote on the right. Exciting times! Hope to see you at True Aim.

  3. Congratulations. Sounds like a beautiful engagement, and I pray you will have a wonderful marriage!

  4. Oh so wonderful. Congratulations! betty jo

  5. Best of wishes for you in your upcoming marriage. Sounds beautiful.

  6. Sounds like a beautiful proposal!


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