Saturday, March 2, 2013

My Hope Chest

I had the most edifying weekend! It was wonderful. I met with my team members and had a lunch with all four of my main ladies. I wrote a post a while back about my team members, you can read about it here. The ladies at lunch on Saturday were Mrs. F, Mrs. Scott, Mrs. K, and Mrs. J. 
Mrs. S-  A truly magnanimous, caring woman who gently instructs me in the ways of homemaking, biblical womanhood, and healing. (Mother of Mrs. K!)
Mrs. F- A down-to-earth, no-none-sense woman with a family of her own who takes the time to show me the balance between strength and femininity while guiding me through my walk with Christ. She is the woman who pushes me when I need it the most.
Mrs. K.- A mother of three young children who balances work and family seamlessly. She pushes me to be me, no matter what. 
Mrs. J- A retired teacher and mother to two awesome kids. She has taught me joy and celebration. 
We met in a little bakery/restaurant to have lunch Saturday at 11:30. During this time my team members each talked about the growth they had seen in the last year, the changes that have been made, and the steps being taken. Mrs. S told me she loved me. Mrs. J told me she felt like a "momma" about me. Mrs. F said she was proud of me. I received more love in that hour and a half luncheon than I think I have ever experienced. Then the gifts started.  My team gave me a beautiful hope chest (You can read about them here) and the first things to put inside it! 

My very own hope chest! 

Pillows made in my favorite colors: Purple and Brown. (It even has Texas fabric!)

Coffee set and beautiful handmade tea tray! 

Me wearing my very own apron! Im holding the matching  tea towel and pot holders. 

Hope chest with all the things to go inside it!

So why was this meeting so awesome? Yes, the hope chest is fun and an amazing gift, but more than that, it is these women. These ladies have poured into my life in an incredible way in the last year/year and a half. They have taught me skills, loved on me when I needed it, and corrected me when I deserved it. They have cheered me on and pushed me forward when I was afraid to take a step. I hope that one day I can be a Mrs. F, Mrs. S, Mrs.J, or Mrs. K for a young woman who needs me as much as I needed these women. 

I am so incredibly thankful for these women who have developed me from the negatives.

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  1. So beautiful! I must confess I'm a bit jealous, not of the hope chest, though it's lovely, but of your awesome team of godly women mentors. I am praying for such women in my own life, but not having much luck yet. I moved to a knew town for a new job and am in need of building some relationships with both peers and mentors who share my values and can hold me accountable and lift me up as needed. Congrats on your new swag! What lovely gifts!


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