Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tell a Feminist Thank You

#TellAFeministThankYou  was trending on Twitter yesterday. Of course I have to write about this one! My question is, what exactly are we supposed to thank feminists for? So let us take a look at a couple of the tweets that I saw:
# "Feminism isn't hating men, it's hating oppression and wanting equality"
"Because women have the right to vote, go to school, and have a career.
 to my daughters, who don't believe that being a DIVA or PRINCESS or SHOPAHOLIC or SPOILED is a viable life goal.
Feminsim in its absolutely purest form was originally about wanting equality. However, not all women who chose to be at home are oppressed, and yet choosing to work at home is looked down on by most feminists. Women who chose to work in the home are lazy, lack ambition or are brain washed. 

Women have been going to school and had careers throughout history. (For example, Elizabeth Blackwell was the first woman to graduate from medical school, this happened in January, 1849.)  Women got the right to vote in 1920 with the 19th Amendment, well before the feminist movement really began.

While there are aspects of feminism that make sense to me, there are huge chunks that I cannot agree with. So, will I tell a feminist thank you? Yes, for the victims's advocacy groups that they have helped to put together (in tandem with Christian ministries!) for the Violence Against Women Act, and for the overwhelming encouragement to reach for the stars. 

What I will not thank a feminist for:

  • the "right" to abortions on demand
  • the destruction of traditional gender roles 
  • the implication that my choice to be a helpmeet to my husband and a mother to my children is a failure or a step back for womankind.

I want to glorify God with every choice I make. In my opinion that is not possible when viewing the world through a feminist mindset so let me be clear, I am not anti-feminist I am pro-biblical womanhood. I am not a feminist because I do not seek to make men and women the same. Women were made to be different from men from the very beginning  God designed us that way! I revel in the wonder of being made to accomplish the tasks that He designed me to complete, and I look forward to the challenge.  

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