Thursday, January 24, 2013

Women in Combat

I read a great deal. I read books, magazines, and blogs. I enjoy taking in a variety of information and the internet is an incredible tool for this. I was surprised this morning when I was reading my blog roll and almost all of post from this week were on the same topic, women in combat. 

The feminist and the biblical womanhood blogs are all over this right now. Feminism is celebrating a victory and biblical womanhood is mourning the unraveling of our society. (The feminist view point can be found here and here and the biblical womanhood viewpoint can be found here.) Feminism would have you believe it is an issue of equality. Men don't want us to be equal with them so they won't let us serve, shame on them! What I see is the inherent desire of men to protect women, to stand before them and say "Yes, I will lay down my life to protect you". It is hardwired into men to provide and to protect. Sadly, many men have had that natural desire beaten out of them by the shrill cry of feminism, and the Christian women of today don't exactly put a stop to it.  

Feminists love to talk about "Molley Pitcher" who took over her husband's who fought in the American Revolution. We should get something straight here. Molley Pitcher's real name was Mary Ludwig McCauley, and she didn't start out as a soldier, she was not trained to fight. She originally carried water to the soldiers. She only fought when she took over her husbands cannon after he collapsed. I bring this example up because in my mind there is a HUGE difference between training a woman for combat and a woman stepping up in place of her fallen husband. 

Am I saying women have no place in the military? Absolutely not. Let them serve. There are plenty of positions in the military, besides combat, in which women can and should serve if that is what God called them to do with their lives. 


  1. I am a proudly serving woman in the Armed Services, but I am absolutely believe that women have no place in combat or in many of the roles that are currently serving today. The argument for allowing women into combat is this," Women have already been serving with distinction in Iraq and Afghanistan alongside men. Women have been wounded and even died" is illogical. Just because they have already been doing it doesn't mean they should be doing it or should continue doing it. Just because they can do it or want to do it doesn't mean we should let them. Men in this society are not being men and are perfectly happy to let women be blown to pieces on the battlefield or be violated as POWs. It means they don't have to take on any responsibility --- just like they don't have to take the responbility for their children. This is just another example of the continued degradation of women. And women are participating in their own exploitation! Thankfully, I am able to retire next year after 23 years of service. It is sad to see all the changes that have happened over time --- I see a direct correlation between the opening of more military jobs to women and the number of sexual assaults. Thankfully, my daughter is very young and will never remember my service. I am keeping her far away from this life. Though I am proud of my service and have benefitted in some respects from it,in retrospect, I would never have chosen this life for myself and my family.
    Best Wishes, Shannon

  2. I've struggled with this announcement. I am a strong believer that the best person for a job should do a job. I do not believe a woman is the best person for a combat job in the military. You will not be able to convince me that a woman is the better choice for combat then a man. Yes, there may be a woman out there that can compete with a man, but there will always be men who can do it better. Men and woman are very different. We were never made to fulfill the same role as men. So we do woman try so hard to do that? We, as woman and a nation, should embrace our differences.


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