Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Totally Worth It!

I promised to write more in the new year and yet I haven't hardly written at all. I have a good reason, I promise. My reason is? I am a teacher! We are finally out of the holiday rut and we are able to actually function as a class. It has been wonderful getting to know my kids and I am falling in love with them.

The one downside to this class has been... the classroom.

When I walked in to my new classroom I was shocked at the condition of the room. The tables were pushed up against one side of the room, there were no decoration on the walls, the toys/games were strewn all over the classroom and the books were shoved in any nook or cranny in which they would fit. It was a mess. I jumped in with both feet and made a list of everything I could see that needed to be done. As I went along I discovered more things that needed to be done and for a while there I was adding things faster than I could get things done. After two solid weeks of work my classroom is clean, organized and ready to go. I wish I had thought to take before pictures but sadly I did not, so you will have to deal with just the after pictures.

Computer and Games Center
I found and alphabetized all the books!
Bulletin Board Outside the Classroom 
Our Word Wall 
Left of my desk
Right of my desk
Parent Info
My Classroom
Yes, this was difficult and frustrating and I was overwhelmed on more than one occasion. But then last week I asked my kids to draw their favorite part of school... and this is what I found:

It is all worth it. 

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