Monday, November 12, 2012

Let Him Love You

A friend and I were driving along highway 183 yesterday singing loudly to her iPod. 
This is not unusual behavior for me. 
Typically if I am driving I have music playing and chances are I am singing along... at the top of my lungs. The song changed on the iPod and the new one wasn't one I was familiar with. Ne-yo's silky voice filled the car with his new single, "Let Me Love You". 
At first I liked the song, it has a good beat and it is a fairly respectful song (as far as top 40 music goes). Here are the lyrics: 
Much as you blame yourself,You can't be blamed for the way that you feelHad no example of a love,That was even remotely realHow can you understandSomething that you never had?Ooh, baby, if you let me,I can help you out with all of thatGirl, let me love you,And I will love you,Until you learn to love yourselfGirl, let me love you,I know your troubleDon't be afraid,Girl, let me helpGirl, let me love you,And I will love you,Until you learn to love yourselfGirl, let me love you.

It sounds good, in theory. 
The problem is that too many girls look for this fulfillment in men. Girls always want a guy to come along and to love them without question. They want a champion. They want a guy who will defend them, sacrifice for them. 
There is a man who has done all of those things for us already. 
His name is Jesus Christ.
He loves us unconditionally. He defended us before we were born. Jesus died for our sins before we ever knew we needed Him to. He is the one man who will never let you down. Let Him love you.
Leslie Ludy says it best in her book Set-Apart Femininity (found here):  "We dream of capturing the heart of a noble prince with our stunning beauty, like the princess in our childhood fairy tales. But our longing to be loved and wooed by a heroic groom didn't originate with Cinderella--- it's actually a Biblical concept. The entire Bible is a beautiful love story between Christand His bride--- drawing us, wooing us, and loving us the way we have always dreamed." 
We want to be loved, wanted, and protected. That is natural, that is how God designed us to be. But, before you can fall in love with a man you have to fall in love with the one who gave everything for you. 
Let Him love you.

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