Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Set Apart

I got to witness a miracle today.

The family that I nanny for welcomed their third baby, Miss Becky. She is a beautiful 7lbs 11oz, with a full head of dark curly hair, and very healthy lungs.

Becky was welcomed by her parents, her brother and sister, both sets of grandparents, uncles and aunts, and cousins. This little girl is coming into a family full of love. While we took turns holding her and marveling at her beauty, I wondered about her future.
When will she accept Christ as her savior?
How old will she be when she falls in love for the first time?
Will he break her heart?
Where will she decide to go to college?
Will she be a teacher? a painter? a doctor?

As I sat nearby watching the family admire this precious gem, I was filled with an incredible desire to protect her from all the evil in this world I would. But I am not enough.

So, I pray.

I have been praying for Miss Becky since the day I found out she was coming. I will continue every day to cover each of these children in prayer.

I pray for their health, and for wisdom. I pray for peace and security. But mostly, I pray that they will realize early that they are children of God. I pray that they know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are little miracles set apart to reflect the glory of God and his incredible love.


  1. what a precious and loving heart you have! Dropping by from Spiritual sunday.
    My entry is: Sounds easy?

    Have a blessed sunday!

  2. Oh, how dear a new baby's birth is! Your prayers for her touched my heart. Knowing she is God's child, a miracle, and reflections of God's glory and love are a beautiful gift.

  3. Prayer is the only answer. Covering our kids in prayer from the day of their birth is what I believe God has called us as parents to do. You are a precious soul to pray fervently for Miss Becky. What a wonderful nanny you are.

  4. What beautiful thoughts expressed here. Miss Becky doesn't yet realize how blessed she is but she will in future days and years. Thank you for sharing.


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