Friday, September 14, 2012

Dear Sixteen-Year-Old-Me,

We both know you are tired and we both know you won't admit it. 
You are working a job that you are much too young to have. 
Keep your head down and stay out of trouble. 
You can't see it yet, but God is at work even in these dark times.

You don't trust anyone and you try to keep everyone at arms length. 
Everyone is your enemy.
One day a person is going to come into your world and change your entire life. 
Soften your heart. 
Be ready.

You are ashamed and embarrassed by your family situation. 
 Your situation is bad now, but God will use it for great things later.
Your family is more than just biological relatives.
Don't be ashamed.

You won't go to church because you are afraid they will judge you for your past. 
You will be welcomed with open arms.

You spend your days building walls and planning for the day when you can rub your success in the face of all the people who told you that you weren't good enough.
Carrying that anger and hate around is not good for you. 
God has big things coming your way.
 You have to start living for Him, and not for retribution.
Stop it. 

You are holding on by your fingertips balancing high school, two jobs, a sick sibling, and a come-and-go parent. You are so stressed out that you sleepwalk and fight night terrors.
Christ's loving arms will protect you, He will provide for your every need. 
Through Christ you will finally find peace. 

You are a daughter of the King, though you don't know it yet.

Things look rough now.
Push through. 
Take a breath. 
Keep going. 
God is at work


graceful (for young women)


  1. wow! i'm sitting here in tears now. hanging on to the thought, " you ARE a daughter of the King" - you are absolutely right! how empowering! ok, at first i was going to tell you i liked your wallpaper - i still do :) - but instead i think i'll go check out some more of your blog! good work, young woman, keep it up. a crown one day will be yours for your faithfulness. blessings, alice

  2. I do love these kinds of posts. I wrote one just a short while back...a letter to my teenaged self...

    Thanks for linking up today! I loved reading this.

  3. Amen and Amen! His mercies never fail. Great is his faithfulness. "Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you. . . " The best is yet to come!

    visiting from Be Not Weary and glad I did.

  4. I keep meaning to write one of these. I LOVE THIS. Beautiful and poignant. Thank you.

  5. What a lovely post that inspires. I wonder, how will I wrote to a sixteen year old me. I am sure, I will cry a lot, because like you, it was not an easy life. Bless you dear!

    Dropping by from Spiritual sunday.
    My entry is: Sounds easy?

  6. This is beautiful, and so true.


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